2013: A Review of my Goals for my 30th year

I am a little behind on the new year posts.  I have been playing catch up since Christmas on EVERYTHING! Here are 2013 goals....and how I did.
  1. Eat Healthier Working constantly on this, but over all did a fairly good job this year.  
  2. Be More Active for myself and kids
  3. Read more
  4. Find a house with a big yard that will fit our growing family
  5. Sell our house!!!! (this is a big one!)
  6. Buy and Move into our hopefully forever home (again another big one)
  7. Grow my ETSY shop.  Check. Check. Check!!!  I was so excited to see my little shop grow immensely this year!  Thank you to all of you!
  8. Work on my photography skills....I'd really like to improve my amateur photo taking Worked on this and it did get better.  Still I have lots of room for improvement, but I am learning and having fun!
  9. Get my kid's photo/baby albums up to date
  10. Work on the  Our family photo albums....H-U-G-E project right there
  11. Go Camping Made it camping with my family!  It was a great time.  I love that my kids enjoyed it just as much as we did.
  12. Work on getting a set budget and sticking to it...we have a very rough one that needs to be fine tuned Have a slight one.  Still as always a work in progress though.
  13. Be more organized at home
  14. Make my bed and teach the kids the same....something minor, but really does make me feel better Did a pretty good job on this.  The kids are still learning, but they are getting better.
  15. Take more trips/family outings
  16. Grow a nice garden
  17. Do more canning and freezing of home grown food  Did more than I thought this year...including 47 quarts of Applesauce.  That was a lot of apples!!!!!
  18. Turn the TV off more Proud of myself for this, the kids and myself are better for it.  
  19. Get my wedding rings fixed so I can actually wear them DONE!  Such a nice feeling being able to wear them.
  20. Go on more walks
  21. Make time for a Once-a-month date night for Brian & I We did a good job, as hard as it was sometimes.  Still working on keeping it going.
  22. Lose 25 pounds and not find it!!!
  23. De-clutter and re-organize Did ok on this.  Another task that is constantly a work in progress.
  24. Have more regular blog posts and tutorials
  25. Make more products to have in my AddyLou ETSY shop  Did and kept selling.  I did a ton of custom items this year and had so much fun doing them.
  26. Teach someone how to sew
  27. Make a big boy quilt for Dylan
  28. Use my fabric scraps to make fun things Bibs and rag quilts are being made with my scraps.  So excited to see what else I can come up with.
  29. Make enough sales from AddyLou to be able to purchase an NEW sewing machine on my own  DONE!  So excited that I was able to get my embroidery machine.  Loving it and making amazing things!
  30. Do more fun projects with/for my kids We did some crafts and lost of baking projects.  
Only 13 not quite finished.  Not bad, I'd say.  Overall, 2013 was a great year.  It was super busy.  But it was filled with many wonderful memories and sprinkled with a few sad ones too.  We all are looking for ward to an exciting 2014!  

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