Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Sampler | Week 5

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Sampler | Week 5

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AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5- 41Granny & 45Jenny

Another two blocks in the books!  I am not sure I how I was able to get these accomplished with all the sewing for Halloween I did and not to mention, all the stocking orders I had waiting to be sewn.  I got week 5's Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Sampler blocks finished.

Block 11 : #41 Granny

This block and I were not getting along as well as I would have liked.  I used the paper piecing method for this one, thinking that it would help me keep seams straighter and make it go together easier.  Not sure how or why I came to that conclusion after reading everyone else's posts on the block.  But soon I joined the ranks of Granny's wrath.  I made this one twice.  The first time, I wasn't pay attention and sewed the block all back wards.  The second time, I got it all together, and realized that there was a large cut in one of the blocks.  There was no hiding it.  So, I unpicked the first and put it together.  It came  out OK.  Not sure on the choice of colors/fabrics I used.  But it was done, seams matched up the best that I could get them to, and I was sticking with it.

AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5- 41Granny

AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5-41Granny Back

Block 12 : #45 Jenny

Jenny went together so much easier for me.  I am pretty sure it took more time to pic out the colors than anything for this one.  I am enjoying how the birds came to play in it and the colors.  I used the templates from the book to make this block.

AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5-45 Jenny

AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5-45 Jenny back


Week 6 here I come!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween last weekend.  Ours was great albeit a little cold and rainy.  Though it didn't seem to bother the kids any who wanted to trick-or-treat no matter what.

AddyLou Creates - FW1930s - wk5-41 Granny & 45 Jenny

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P.S.S. -This quilt-a-long is being put on by Fat Quarter Shop &  the lovely lady behind Gnome Angel with the help of some other amazing bloggers.  Following the Farmer's Wife 1930's  Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.

P.S.S.S  - Linking up with Gnome Angel for her THE FARMER'S WIFE 1930'S SAMPLER QUILT SEW-ALONG LINK PARTY (Just looked at all the amazing blocks again from last week....My #13 Belle was featured!  Thank you Angie!)

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