Handmade Christmas Cheer: {Card Table Tent}

Mom & Dad don't look at this post!!

Sorry about the lack of posts!  Its been crazy busy around our house as we are preparing for Christmas.  Between keeping up with the kids, teaching them the Christmas story, keeping house and attempting to get sewing projects done - it has left little time for posting about my creations.  
Here is one that I finished the other day.  After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest.  I tackled a card table tent.  This is going to my parents as part of their present. And no, its not for them to use! (Although I could see them playing in it with the kids)  Its for the Grand-kids who, as soon as they walk in the door are asking for a tent to be built.  So I thought this would make that job easier than throwing tons of blankets on a table and chairs.  

Excuse the bad pictures.  The kids wanted to play in it and my table is not the right size.  I made it for a 37" resin card table (not what I have),  so sorry about the canning jar boxes holding it up.  

I didn't go off of any pattern.  I just started cutting.  Yikes!  I did get some inspiration from this tutorialette.  But like I said...i didn't use it.  I used a set of queen sheets I had and fabric left over from various sewing adventures.  The only thing I bought was the netting I used for the windows...and that was only $1!  

Curved pup door with roll up cover.

Door shut.

The other door.  I was going to put more ties here...but then decided it probably wasn't worth the effort since the kids really don't know how to use them yet.

I lined the whole thing to give it a little more stability using both the flat sheet and the fitted sheets to make the sides. 

I know its kinda plain, but I wanted to make sure it fit the table before I made it all pretty.  And since we don't have the table yet...we all are going to have to use our imaginations!  :)

Hope you have enjoyed!.  Thanks for reading!
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