Happy Homemaker Monday! {2/3/2014}

Ooh...where did January go!??   Well - Hello February!  Welcome to yet another busy month.  Birthdays, babies, school and more. Just thinking about it make my head spin. Excited to welcome my new niece or nephew any day now. Getting really excited for spring to come.  But that cute little groundhog had other plans when he saw his shadow this weekend.  

 The weather: Snow and cold.  What else is new this winter?

On my reading pile: Blog notes and how-to's, menu planning, budgeting blogs

On my TV: Jimmy Kimmel....(it's a late Monday night)

On the menu for this week:  We've been trying to get a better healthy dinner routine down.  I've been following the Skinny Moms 'Supper Club.'  We pick and choose due to our schedule, picky kids and what I have on hand.  So far we've liked what things I have made.  Here is what we are eating this week.
Monday – Leftover from Super Bowl + some pig-n-blankets
Wednesday – Skinny Sweet Tuna Cakes
Thursday – Leftovers
Saturday – Leftovers

On my to do list: LAUNDRY (it's never ending!), 
Thank you notes and Pictures for Christmas (I'm behind I know)
Work on scrapbook pages for last year, Valentines treats

AddyLou projects for the week:  Finish a diaper bag to list as a new mommy set,  get some new blankets ready for the shop

What I am cooking: Nothing at the moment
{Mr. D Sledding with Mommy}
{cheesing it up!}
{Face painting at the Fun Fair}
{My little cuddle buddy}
{L lost his other front tooth - FINALLY!}

Looking around the house: It dark and quiet....and I am enjoying it!!!

Highlight of the past weekend: Going sledding with the kids, and having friends over for Superbowl
Looking forward to this week: Getting things done.

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspiration:

 From the camera:  

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!!
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