Mid-year update: 30 in my 30th year!

So I turn the big 3-0 on Sunday, July 21st.  Still not quite sure how I feel about this.  I don't feel/think I am that old enough to be this age.  It doesn't bother me, it just doesn't seem that I am 30, married for 7 years, have 5 kids, lived in 2 states and 3 homes.  Seriously I feel like I just graduated from Purdue (2006) and just got married.  The saying that time flies when you are having fun, must be true!

Well here is my updated goal list for my "30 goals in my 30th year."  You can read the original post here. I have to say I have done better than I thought I was doing.  Many are still a work in progress (as many goals always are).  But I think I have done pretty good for a half a year's worth of goals.
  1. Eat Healthier
  2. Be More Active for myself and kids... always in progress!!!
  3. Read more
  4. Find a house with a big yard that will fit our growing family...working hard on this one
  5. Sell our house!!!! (this is a big one!)
  6. Buy and Move into our hopefully forever home (again another big one)
  7. Grow my ETSY shop: Huge steps have happened.  I have way surpassed what I thought could happen with my shop.  I had 13 sales/custom orders between the the last 2 weeks of June and beginning of July!  Thank you to all who have ordered!!!! :)
  8. Work on my photography skills....I'd really like to improve my amateur photo taking: I have been working really hard and using Kristen Duke's Photography tips and ebooks (you can find them here).  I am pretty proud of how my pictures are getting better and I am not using just the auto setting anymore!  
  9. Get my kid's photo/baby albums up to date
  10. Work on the  Our family photo albums....H-U-G-E project right there
  11. Go Camping:  Camping date set with my family!  SOOOO excited and so are the kids!
  12. Work on getting a set budget and sticking to it...we have a very rough one that needs to be fine tuned:  Still working on this one, but I have gotten better.  Especially since we have been purchasing SCRIP through Lucas's school.  It helps you keep close to what you have allotted for the month.
  13. Be more organized at home: A work in progress for us, as I am sure it is for a lot of families.  But I have been doing better.
  14. Make my bed and teach the kids the same....something minor, but really does make me feel better:  Been doing a good job of this for the most part, minus the days that start super early with screaming kids.  And the kids are doing better at making their own beds as well.  Its cute to see how proud they are when they get it done.
  15. Take more trips/family outings
  16. Grow a nice garden Our garden this year is looking better than it did last.  Although with the idea of moving we did end up downsizing what we put in.  But currently I have a plethora of zucchini sitting on my counter.  :)
  17. Do more canning and freezing of home grown food..waiting to see what the garden produces this year!
  18. Turn the TV off more: Excited to say that it goes off after breakfast and doesn't usually go back on until around dinner time so that I can get dinner made.  This does exclude the rainy days, which we have deemed movie days :)
  19. Get my wedding rings fixed so I can actually wear them : DONE!  And I am so happy to be able to wear them again!!!
  20. Go on more walks...trying but not the easiest all the time with 5 little ones 
  21. Make time for a Once-a-month date night for Brian & I: We have done pretty good on this one.  Some months have been easier to get out than others. But we have made a point to get out by ourselves, even if its just a lunch date to go grocery shopping.
  22. Lose 25 pounds and not find it!!! - not working so well...I'll get there though
  23. De-clutter and re-organize: a work in progress, but have gone through about half the house and 'good willed' a large amount of items!
  24. Have more regular blog posts and tutorials - I've been a little busy this summer.  A post on that coming!
  25. Make more products to have in my AddyLou ETSY shop - DONE!!!  And working on more all the time!
  26. Teach someone how to sew
  27. Make a big boy quilt for Dylan
  28. Use my fabric scraps to make fun things: I have some big ideas for this one.  Getting ready to start some of these once school starts and I have a little more time.
  29. Make enough sales from AddyLou to be able to purchase an NEW sewing machine on my own:  DONE!  I bought a new embroidery machine.  I have been having lots of fun with it lately, doing mostly custom things.  Getting ready to make some things for the shop.
  30. Do more fun projects with/for my kids
Hope you have enjoyed my update.  And I hope to be able to post more once our busy summer slows a little.  :)

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