"Where does AddyLou come from?"

HI! How is everyone doing?  We have had a crazy busy last few days!!!  My maxi skirt turned out great for the wedding we had this weekend.  I got many complements on it and on the growing baby belly as well.  Pictures and hopefully a quick tutorial to come soon.  In the mean time, I have received many questions about where my name for my Blog and Shop came from.  So I feel today is the day to let you all is in the story.

I had been wanting to start a blog/shop for a while.  Especially when we had moved to Alabama for our brief, yet fun year adventure.  It was going to be used more as a way to keep family and friends up to date on our family and projects that I had been doing just to keep myself busy.  Not that two kids wasn't already enough, but I didn't really get things started until we moved back and had our third baby.

Originally the blog was titled "Creative Therapy" because truly that is what I was doing it for.  It was a way for me to keep some sanity while being a stay at home mommy to my three little munchkins.  Then after a little while people started telling me I should and could sell my projects on Etsy.  That  in itself made me rethink the name of the blog.  "Creative Therapy" didn't really have an appealing shop name to me.  It just wasn't catchy enough.  I wanted to work my name in to it with out really putting my name out there.  After much debate and conference with my sisters on something that sounded good, I came up with AddyLou.

Addy is after my middle name Adelaide.  I have always loved that name, its so pretty. It also happens to be my Grandmother's middle name as well.  Then I thought, lets put Grandma and Nana's (LuluBelle) names together.  Hence, AddyLou was created.  (The Lou also come from one of my sister's middle name, thinking that at some point she would want to create things to sell as well...I am still waiting for that to happen...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)  And since right now I am selling mainly baby and kids accessories, I thought it fit well.

Although I go by Ruth on a daily basis, AddyLou has become a pen name of sorts.  It's a part of me and reminds me of two very strong and determined women who have helped influence the woman I have become.
My Nana & Grandma at my Wedding - July 8, 2006

I hope this helps explain where the name come from.  Please keep the questions coming.  I am happy to answer anything that comes my way.  Thanks for reading!

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