World Breastfeeding Week - I Support You! {My Interview}

This week is World Breastfeeding Week and August is National Breastfeeding Month.  I was unaware that this was a thing.  But I find it to be very awesome!  Such a great way to give support to mothers. My friend Julie over at Diary Of  A Homemaker posted this on her facebook page last week.  

And it is all very true...(and it made me even tear up).  I can honestly say as much as I hated breastfeeding, I loved it just as much or more.  Julie interviewed me on my 'breastfeeding story' for Breastfeeding week.  And with five kids, I have five completely different experiences.
{{Brian & I with our 5 munchkins on my 30th Birthday}}

I am all for breastfeeding, I wish I was able to do it better myself.  I think it is (was) a wonderful experience.  But for some it is not the right choice or the situation at hand does not allow for it.  So for whatever your situation - breast, bottle or extended feeding....I SUPPORT YOU! And you are doing an amazing job!!!  You can read my story here.  And you can read more on this topic here on the Mama By the Bay blog.  

Hope you enjoy my story.

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